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I love Vangelis' classic, Chariots of Fire. The melody is simple yet bold and strongly conveys a winner's attitude. Chariots of Fire has been featured in many Olympic games and competitive events the world over, on top being the theme song for the movie that made it so famous. As a tribute to Vangelis and the optimistic winner's spirit, I would like to share Chariots of Fire with you.

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I came across this song, "Let Me Go", from Avril Lavigne's latest album and was greatly moved.  The song was originally written with the idea of being a breakup song.  However as the song progressed it became a love song about one's journey of love throughout one's life.

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is "Let Me Go".


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Kevin often is heard saying that whenever he has difficulty playing a piece of music, he will turn to a harder piece and learn it first.   Here is an incredible video I took one of these times when Kevin played Franz Liszt's 6th Hungarian Rhapsody.


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